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How To Last Longer In Bed

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How to last longer in bed

Most men will never admit that their biggest dread is premature ejaculation. It is no wonder that this is so as it has been ingrained in the minds of men that the biggest trophy to his manhood is when he can last longer that the Titanic. For those who have wives and girlfriends, they should be fully aware of how important it is to keep a healthy sex life for improved relationships to materialize.

So what are the secrets on how to last longer in bed? The first way is to learn control. Extenze helps you achieve this together with the practice of masturbation. Taking Extenze will help give you more control over your muscles, so you`ll be able to identify which spots when stimulated cause quick ejaculation. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, and the longer you learn how to lengthen your period of ejaculation, the longer you`ll be able to last in bed.

However, lack of control is not limited to the penile area; it is also influenced by the breathing, thrusting and overall motions during the act of sex. How can you last longer in bed by exercising your breathing? When excitement builds up during sex, you tend to breathe faster and harder. Some men pant excessively, and this causes premature ejaculation as you they over stimulate or get overexcited. By consuming Extenze, you`ll be calmer and less stimulated, allowing for more thrusting and longer romps. This allows you more control over your actions and enables you to stop yourself from ejaculating before the intended time.

When you orgasm too early, it can be potentially embarrassing. Considering how to last longer in bed? Positions play a big part; and we all have that favorite position which turns us on like a light switch. Identify that position and perform it towards the end of your target time period. This helps. Another position which works like a charm on how to last longer in bed is by allowing the woman to be on top. This not only gives her a chance to enjoy herself; you`ll be able to control your urges as well.

Foreplay plays a big role on how to last longer in bed. Satisfy her sufficiently and she will orgasm quicker, making it not such a big deal when you cum early. Using Extenze, you`ll be able to get a harder and firmer erection, which in turn boosts the level of foreplay. Over many hours of foreplay, a man will slowly get accustomed to his aroused state and hence have more control over himself.

Interested to get a bottle of Extenze? If you`re worrying about scams, Extenze allows you a 60 day money back guarantee in which you`ll be able to obtain a full refund simply by returning the product. Once you`re convinced of the pills, you`ll also be able to buy in bulk and enjoy extra savings in the form of loyalty discounts.

Relax during sex; and take a few short seconds break whilst you allow your muscles to relax. When muscles around the groin are tensed, it increases your chances of experiencing premature ejaculation. The next time you want to have sex, be aware of how your groin muscles are responding and don`t insist too hard. If all else fails, try Extenze for better results.

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